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    Croquet Rules & Play

Croquet Lawn Rules

  1. There is NO PLAY on Mondays until after 2:00 pm to allow the grounds crew to perform weekly maintenance of the lawns.
  2. Only soft soled shoes may be worn on the lawn.  No street shoes to be worn.
  3. Do not apply bug spray on the lawn.  Severe damage to the lawn can occur.
  4. Please, no alcohol on the lawn.  Alcohol will cause damage to the lawn if spilled.
  5. Smoking is not allowed on the lawn.
  6. Absolutely NO PETS allowed on the lawn.
  7. White attire is required for members and house guests at all times except during designated special events.

All of us have a major investment in our Croquet Lawn.  It is each member's responsibility to not only follow these rules, but also to say something should you observe others not doing so.


  1. Members need to make their Court reservation online or through the Pro Shop.
  2. Reservations may only be made 14 days in advance.
  3. Please refrain from making “speculative” reservations.
  4. Only book lawns in 2-hour blocks unless the reservation is for a club-sanctioned match.

Guest Rules

  1. A member may reserve only one (1) court for guest play.
  2. There can be no more than three (3) guests for each member present.  For example, a single member can have up to three (3) guests playing with a member.  A member couple or two single members may have up to six (6) guests playing.  The maximum number of guests cannot exceed six (6) and play will be on one (1) court per above.
  3. Members must be on the court at any time a guest is on the court playing or practicing.
  4. All guests and members must wear appropriate white croquet attire.
  5. While we encourage guests to learn croquet, guest privileges are not to be used in lieu of SVCC Croquet membership.  Therefore, a guest can only be a guest two (2) times during the season.
  6. All other member rules must be followed by all guests.

Visiting USCA Members

USCA Members are most welcome to visit Sky Valley and experience the joy of playing croquet in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. We ask that you contact us in advance. You have several guest play options:

  • Open Competitive Play
  • Mens’ Play
  • Ladies’ Play
  • Wine & Wickets

With advance notice we can also pair you with a member for reservation play. USCA members are subject to the annual limit of two (2) guest plays per year.

Winter Play Rules

Steve Mason, our greens superintendent has asked that we observe a few extra precautions to protect the lawns:

  1. There will be Absolutely NO PLAY on ANY COURT until after 12:00pm from October 15th through April 30th.
  2. Please follow our normal rules, especially the rule requiring a reservation with the Pro Shop prior to play.  This becomes most important during the colder months. Steve Mason will leave instructions with the Pro Shop if altering the normal schedule is necessary.

We want everyone to enjoy croquet throughout the year, but we must be able to control play based on weather and grass conditions to protect the Croquet Lawn!

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